Forbidden Romance

CHPT 5 Forbidden Romance

           “Hey, Liz, It’s finished. Isn’t it great,” screamed Campbell as he scanned the ground for Liz. “Campbell, I’m right here,” said Liz. “Oooh,” said Campbell, rather sheepishly.

              They watched the sunset from the tree house. Campbell wrapped his arm around Liz very tightly. She pulled away. It was getting late. Liz decided she would go home. Campbell walked her home. When they got there, Campbell leaned closer, as if to kiss Liz. He did in fact. She pushed him and screamed, “don’t you EVER talk to me again!” She stormed off to her room, and slammed the door in Campbell’s face. Campbell turned and moaned, “Aw, man. I can never catch a break.” He turned and walked home, all alone.

The End

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