CHPT 4 what?

The rest of the day was just as interesting. During lunch someone yelled, “FOOD FIGHT.” A potato fell from the sky and landed on Campbell’s head.


              As the potato sat, satisfied with what he had done, he saw visions of his past, when he couldn’t see or hear. He remembered the boy naming him Tate. He couldn’t believe it. That name was what he would have named himself. He decided to stick with it. He left his hideout deep in the garden, and took a roll around. As he walked, he saw the most beautiful sweet potato ever. The infatuation made him stop in his tracks. The sweet potato, named Lily, was following a girl, named Elizabeth Grouthinshire. Lily did not even know where she was going, she just followed the girl into the valley, across the river on the bridge, into the woods, a left at the bush that looks like David spade, and into the tree house on the big oak. There waiting was Campbell Gruntsworth.

The End

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