CHPT 2   potato

                           The rock landed three inches from a prize looking potato. It was beautiful and well taken care of.the rock began to emit a reddish glow. The potato copied that glow for about three seconds. Then the glowing stopped. The potato began to move.it had all five senses plus the ability to think. It didn’t have hands or feet or even a mouth, but it could still do stuff.

              The potato followed the boy at his heels, following him at every twist and turn. The potato followed into the house. Then he found out they were vegetarians. Mrs. Emily Gruntworth was Campbell’s mother. Courtney Gruntsworth was Campbell’s sister. Mr. James W. Gruntsworth was Campbell’s father.

              The potato was shocked when he saw another potato cut open with smoke coming out of it. “Mom, I told you I hate potatoes,” said Campbell. “You have to eat them if you want to grow up strong, Cammy,” said his mom. “I don’t care, mom.Oh, and don’t call me that anymore, mom.”

              Then hunter, the family dog, walked in. Campbell gave him the baked potato. The dog ate it and decided to eat the one on the floor as well. Mrs. Gruntsworth got there just in the nick of time. “Waste not, want not,” sang Mrs Gruntsworth. She stuck the potato in the fridge.

The End

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