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Two otherworldly brothers play a deadly game with two watches. The goal of the game? Hold both, and kill any previous owners. (Collab with someone and @thefutureisbright, and, after they post, anyone who wishes to join in)

                Igor Levananch (Le-van-Hitch) sat in the Velvet Room of the Outer Realm, in one of the two  doorways marked Purpose, or Random.  Igor, and Nighteridn Hllowspaidnt, knew each other’s room but could not reveal to anyone exactly what room they were in.  However these two brothers had an interesting way of spelling their name.  It always changed depending on their moods and the seasons. Nighteridn Hllowspaidnt and Igor, (pronounced Night-ur-din Hallowspade-it) could change their names to anything containing the letters of the alphabet but, there was a catch.  They hated normal names like Jim or John, or Susan, but as long as they had a weird trait, like talking to trees, or squawking, or speaking in rhyme “I really like you and the things you do.  Have room for two?” they could come down as humans for a short period of time.  There had to be something interesting about the people they created.  Most humans never caught on, and they took advantage of that. 

The Game, as they called it was to pick two girls, using the specially crafted Deathwatches, and guide both of them to save, or kill people to serve their goals.  Since no choice was really random, the brothers had to play like each other, ruining the others plan.  The game ended, when both deathwatches were in the hands of one owner.  There was always a second catch to the game, and this catch was awful if you were moral.   If the watch was stolen from you (and it always was), you had to murder the one who stole it from you, or he had to murder you, but the thief could not murder you until 168 hours after he stole the watch.  In human time, that was a full seven day cycle.  The previous owner, had to find the thief, kill him sometime in the seven day time limit and take the watch.  For 168 hours, you were for all intents and purposes immortal. 

Fun game.  It helped thin the herd of humans on the planet most definitely.   The rules were posted in the notebooks Igor and Nighteridn carried with them at all times

Rules of The Game

  1.        There are two deathwatches.  One to each owner.  The goal of the game is to be the sole owner of both watches with no prior owners living.  Prior owners must die
  2.       The brothers cannot be caught on Earth in the same location in human form.  If one of them is, the other brother gains instant knowledge of their location.  If both are caught in the same location,  a coin flip will save one of them.
  3.       The brothers may speak to the holder of the respective deathwatch, but cannot reveal their orientation.  The holder must figure out which brother represents the Random, and which represents The Purpose in order to understand what to do.
  4.      Both brothers may speak to the holders of the Deathwatches, in dreams only.
  5.       The game ends when the person representing the other side, dies
  6.       The previous owner of the deathwatch is immortal for 168 hours, aka 7 full days after losing the watch and cannot be killed or die until the time has passed.


 They for now had to watch The Deathwatches fall to the ground on 22nd Maven Lane and 33rd  Main Street, and a girl was going to pick it up, if of course, she noticed.  The numbers each had a symbol or animal on them.  A ox, on 12, and going clockwise a bull on 1, a ram on 2, a raven on 3, a eagle on 4 a horse on 5, a dove on 6, a swan on 7  a owl on 8, a apple on 9, a devil on 10, a sword and scorpion on 11 and a tree followed by the ox on 12.  Only the brothers knew what the symbols meant, but they didn’t have to work like the clock said.

                “The games begin,” Igor said to Nighteridin, “when two girls pick up those watches.  Girls are more fun, anyways.”

“Good luck brother.”

“And to you as well.”

(Authors Note: I will be writing the Brothers parts, but the other two will be in control of most of the story.  :3 Have fun. Edited this to add the immortality rule and the animals missing on the numbers.)

The End

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