Arisa's DeathMature

((by far my favorite one to write... and you will see why...))

My name is Arisa Raye. At one time I lived in America in the early 1920's, the time of the 'Flappers' and female freedom changed. I was sixteen when I was murdered. This is my story...


I thought I was in love. We were going to run away together. I snuck out to see him, to meet up and run. I waited for him at our meeting place. I waited. And waited. And waited. I was waiting for close to three hours, but he never came. I sighed, heading back home, my heart heavy. I should have know he didn't want me. No one has ever wanted me.

As I passed a dark ally close to my home, something grabbed me.

"Don't scream, don't move, don't fight..." The deep voice was more of a growl, but I recognized it. It was him.

He forced me up against a wall, his hands rough. Some thing like claws ripped off my clothing, something sharp encircling my throat.

As he has his way with me, his body changed, shifting and growing. When it seemed he was done with me and my tears fell free, whatever was around my throat tightened and ripped open my skin. Before I closed my eyes for good, I looked upon the face of what had killed me.

The face of a beast.


When I awoke, three glittering women greeted me. I knew hem all for I had seen them before.

"Arisa, it's time to go..." The one named Serena said.

I stood, my heart heavy. "Will I get to see him again?"

Jazmin looked at me with unguarded fury. "After what he has done to you, you still wish to see him?!"

"Jazmin, calm." Serena murmured. "She is younger than we are, she died long before her time."

"Arisa, come, we must find our next life." Illyanna said, taking my hand.

I followed obediantly, my heart pining for revenge.

The End

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