Illyanna's DeathMature

My name is Illyanna Dawn. I once lived in the late Roman Empire, I was 16 when it fell. I died when I was twenty-eight. This is my story...

I was pregnant with my first child, my husband by my side even though I screamed bloody murder when the tame came. I can still feel the pain that rippled through my body as the baby was born. But I was loosing blood, fast. Too much of it, the doctor couldn't stop it.

"Illyanna, look, you have a son..." My mother laid the baby next to me, the sound of his crying dragging a smile to my face.

My husband took my hand. "Now, Illyanna, don't leave him motherless... I beg of you..."

I looked up at my husband's face, my best friend's face, and smiled. "It's too late, my dear, the spirits have already called me..." With that I closed my eyes and drew my last breath.


I woke up to a familiar face, one I saw many times.


The girl smiled and helped me up. "Hello Illyanna, welcome..."

"Now what happens?"

"We find the next body we are born into, but we have quite a few years before she is born..."

Serena lead me into the cloud of mist, behind which, the spirits were waiting.

The End

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