Serena's DeathMature

My name is Serena. I once lived in the early Grecian years. I died when I was twenty-one. This is my story...

I walked through the forest, carrying a basket of offerings for Hades, the god of the Underworld. I was to be wed the next day, my family had finally found me a suitor.

As I knelt before the alter and placed my offering on the stone, I prayed Hades was kind to my dear twin sister, who had lost her life only months before. I closed my eyes and sat back on my heels, praying the gods would help me in my new life, that Hear would be kind.

When I went to stand, something sharp hit the back of my neck. Hard.


When I woke, I was face to face with my twin. But she looked different some how. She was bright and healthy, her blue eyes glittering with the reflection of the stars.

"What happened?"

"Sister, you were killed, beheaded."

"But.... why?"

"We do not know, but you have been chosen to return to Earth, with a  new face and name. But she is not born, you must wait."

"Do I get to see you?"

"Everyday until you must leave."

I hugged my sister. "Then I will enjoy every minute I am here...."

The End

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