The Dead Village .2Mature

                                              I'm half running, half stumbling, desperate to get away from the fucking place!  I'm almost clear of the tree canopy that covers the small patch of ground between the churchyard and the village path, moonlight waiting to greet me, hopefully a million miles from whatever had been chasing me, which I now had some very nasty suspicions about!  The trees have broken, I'm basking in the moonlight, taking in the view a head,

'Shit!, and you thought it looked ominous when you were with the others!!', my head was reminding me.  By following the dirt path, I would descend down a small hill, into the little valley, where the small houses stood like mousiliums against the back drop of the manor house, standing on its own little hill, blotting out the horizon, and standing next to it, blacker than the night sky, leafless yet not dead, was the hulking black shape, of the Death Welcome Tree!

                                              I've feel frozen to the spot again,

'NOT NOW!', my brain is yelling, 'YOU'VE COME THIS FAR!!",  I was right, I'd come to far to let my nerves get the better of me, and the last thing I wanted to do, was go back the way I had just come!

'Push through it!', I tell myself, 'follow your heart, not your brain!", considering the situation, good advice!

                                            I stare down the dirt path towards the village The shadows cast in the moonlight, by the houses, seem full of shapes and faces, I could try blinking, closing my eyes and counting to ten, but it will be pointless, because this time, they really are there!  Everyone of those white contorted faces, gleaming through the darkness, is really there, waiting for me, and I have no choice. Kate is somewhere down there, or she was!


The End

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