The Death of Mrs. Finch

This is a class project. We wrote fan-fictions about To Kill A Mockingbird.

Atticus never told Jem and I much about my mother. But when I asked him for the hundredth time, he sat us down, handed me a sheet of paper and said, “Now look here Scout, I knew your mother better than any of these here folks around town. Don’t be sad about your mother. Although she has passed you mustn't grieve.” I eyed the letter with disbelief. Staring at him I asked,” Atticus, what does it say in this here folded piece of paper?” He looked at me, almost scared,”This is a note from your mother, she wrote it when she was very sick, the week before she died.” I looked to Jem, his head was in his lap. I began to cry, my eyes wandering from Jem to Atticus. Atticus stared into my eyes and sternly said in his court voice,” Scout, read it.” I wiped my eyes until they were puffy and red. Looking to Jem I saw that he was crying too and he hadn’t stopped.

I opened the letter, my tears blocking my eyes. I looked to Jem once more his eyes now as red as mine. He looked at me and smiled, “Read it Scout, tell me what it says.” he said it as though it was my responsibility. I nodded my head. Looking to the letter I read out loud.

”My Dearest Children,

I have fallen ill. I do not know if I shall pass soon but if I do, I would like to say I love you. If I do pass, you mustn’t miss me. I have lived a joyous life, I do pray that Atticus has taken good care of you although I wish I could have raised you. I also hope that Atticus has done as I’ve wished and handed this to you once I’ve passed.”

At this point I looked to Atticus who had fallen to his knees and was weeping. He looked to me and said,”I have done the best of my ability to raise you children as your mother asked.” I looked back to the paper and continued to read. “To you Jem, I would like to say that I miss you more than you could ever miss me. You are only six but I trust you are much older now that you’re reading this and to you, my little beautiful daughter Jean Louise, you are the most wonderful little girl I’ve ever met. To both of you I hope you have faired well without me. Scout I do not expect you to remember me, for you were so young. You children were the joy in my life. I expect Atticus has kept you in school. I would also like to thank Cal, you helped hold this family together. I trust that Cal has kept you in line and away from that mischievous Arthur Radley. Continue to be the lovely children that you were as infants. And to remind you of something that you must never do. Do not get on the bad side of Mrs. Dubose.”

With I looked to Atticus and he said four words that I’ll never forget,”Listen to your mother.”

 ~ Adam

The End

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