Part XVI

19:00 - May 19, 2011 - Baltimore Base

The Baltimore scientists just finished setting up Subject 61's new experimentation room, and offered my squad accommodations for the night. I know it's disrespectful, but I found CEO Kartman to be a rather distasteful person today. Instead of expressing his sadness for the loss of one of my most trusted, he straight up demanded that we get Subject 61 to Baltimore right away. A man like him, who sees us as tools, shouldn't be at the head of the corporation. 

This Subject 61 figure interests me too however. During the few short hours I have here in Baltimore, I'll look into this experiment just a little. The LRU device was originally created by Gim Kartman to help families. If someone was in a fatal accident beyond repair, the Life After Death Corporation would extract the victim's brain, and place it in the LRU machine. This would allow the brain to function without memory of the accident, and live in a simulated world, an exact copy of reality in every possible way. But after the US government took hold, it's been all about experimentation. Using the simulated world to test the strangest things. 

Shannon Banker, leader of Squad 44

The End

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