Part XI

This is not my journal, but I felt the need to document this moment. I awoke in a low-lit room, shrieking like a child after a crippling nightmare. I was standing up, and the room was empty, everything painted white. This room was small, but there was another, much larger room adjacent to it. Through a huge glass window, I saw a man in the other room. He was old, but not that old, and had a thick, brown beard. His eyes were tired and weary, but the moment he saw me, they switched to a look of surprise."Where am I?" I asked, tapping on the glass. 

The man immediately sped to a computer nearby, and began to type furiously. Determined to find answers, I smashed the glass, entering the larger room. He pulled a gun on me, making me even more confused. "I just want to know where I am," I stated pacifically.

When the man fired two shots and I didn't die, I became even more concerned. Realizing this, he then aimed his gun at a jar beside the computer. Within the jar was a human brain, connected to the computer system by thin cords. I realized that the brain was mine. Looking at myself, I saw only a grey metallic body, with a few bullet holes in the torso.  "What the hell is going on here?!" I shouted, frustrated and anxious. 

He refused to give in, and I drew his blood. Simple as that. Reading his emails, I found strange information about a certain Subject 61. He was about to send this email regarding a glitch in some system to his superior officer, but I killed him before he could complete it.

I need answers, and this CEO Kartman fellow has them. Seeing the other emails, I found that I am currently in a top secret base in Las Vegas, and the CEO is in none other than Washington DC. Strangely, the date is May 19, 2011... 

I'm coming for you, Kartman. Whoever you are. 

Christopher Banker, the King of Bad Days




The End

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