Part IX

23:12 - September 12, 2012 - Paris

The time travel code I found in this journal; it actually worked. Also, along with the time, I figured out how to travel between cities. After much looking into, I found September, 2012, 12, 20, 044, May, and Paris. I tried May 20, 2012, but there was nothing there. This date however, brought up a rather intriguing discovery. 

I arrived in Paris on September 12, 2012, at 20:44. Upon arrival, I stood in front of the famed Eiffel Tower, and stared in awe at the fantastic lights of Paris after-hours. However, a few seconds after my arrival, a girl approached me. She told me her name was May, and "had what I was searching for." 

From the pocket of her dark grey trench suit, the girl produced a pair of gold plated scissors. They were decorated with enchanting images from ancient times, in a captivating Egyptian style. Allured, I accepted the pair of scissors without hesitation. Immediately after, the girl turned around and walked away, blending into a crowd. I gave chase, but she simply vanished in plain sight. I'm currently in a 5-star hotel, because the man at the desk said that "Christopher Banker made reservations here for tonight." 

How exactly will these scissors help me with... whatever I'm trying to accomplish?

The End

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