Part VII

16:23 - May 13, 2011 - Destiny Park

So, this journal fell on me today. Just dropped out of the sky as I was walking home from school. I've never liked writing, but this could be a good start. There are already entries in here, and I've read them. Apparently they're written by me from the future. As much as I'd like to believe that, this is probably another one of Sam's pranks. 

But, there is something oddly alluring about these pages. There seems to be a code hidden within the words, along with a formula for time travel. It seems doable, but where would I time travel too? (If this even does work). 

Maybe if I crack this code, there's a date or something? Or maybe I should do the sane thing and toss this thing out, I have a ton of homework due tomorrow...

Nah. I wonder, what could that code be?

[Post a comment guessing the code in the format of Month/Date/Year, and a City. Hint: Read the bold/italic words.]

The End

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