Part VI

21:21 - January 1, 2063 - Boston

I'm dying. The world is dying. In 2044, when I returned from 2010 with the secrets of time travel, my hope was to keep them a secret, locked away for eternity. However, my long-time partner in time travel, whom I trusted with my life, thought otherwise. As the secrets were sold and my ex-partner's fame rose; the fabric of time unraveled, as it's delicate, powerful knowledge was now in the hands of common-folk.  Hitler was slain prematurely, and thieves retrieved the Mona Lisa hoping to get rich. As of this moment, on the first day of 2063, civilization is no longer a recognizable thing. It's inhabitants are sorry, pitiful creatures, undone by one man who discovered the accursed ability to bend time. 

My last resort is also the last chance humanity has of restoring itself. Hidden in these pages is a code, the answer to returning it all to normal. As much as I'd like to, my body is much too fragile to time travel, let alone save the Earth. However, there is a way. 

- Christopher Banker, the Destroyer of Man

The End

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