Part IV

4:34 - November 21, 2010 - Destiny Park

I met myself today. There were no flashes of lightning, no warp point appearing in thin air. He simply appeared in my locked motel room. Although we seemed identical in age, he was battered, beat, and his clothes were torn to scraps. Like any madman would, this alternate version of myself rambled on and on, about losing his identity and other, unspeakable horrors. After warning me to cease this experiment, he walked out of the motel room. Peering out the door a few seconds later, I watched the man vanish into thin air. He truly was me, and he was here to prevent a terrible future.

Time travel is possible, and time travel can alter history. With this knowledge verified by the appearance of the identical man, I can return to 2044 safely, without murdering my past self and causing a frightful chain of events. 

- Christopher Banker

The End

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