Part II

4:48 - November 21, 2010 - Destiny Park

I did it. I actually killed myself. The assassination went exactly as planned. At 4:20, I entered his bedroom through the window. I stabbed him in the heart, killing him instantly. Leaving the gored knife at the scene, I exited back out the window and locked it securely behind me. But now of course, there is a dilemma. I am alive, while I am also dead. Could it be that we were split into separate entities the moment I entered this year from 2044? There are so many questions, for such a simple outcome. But it appears that there are no longer any observations to be made. He is dead, and I am alive. With this knowledge that nothing has changed, I shall return to 2044 with two things:

1. The reality that time travel exists and is manipulable by human hands.

2. The strange truth that history cannot be altered although altercations are clearly visible. 


The End

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