The Death of Me

4:01 - November 21, 2010 - Destiny Park

Time travel, the act of navigating through the seemingly linear course of time, is possible. At the moment, I, Christopher Banker of Harvard University, am in Destiny Park, Washington. Yes, the same town of Destiny Park which was abandoned and demolished during the nation-wide pandemic of 2032. I am sitting on a filthy, pest-ridden bed in room 21 of the family-owned Express Motel. The external temperature is 25 degrees fahrenheit, and the moon is nearly full. Accessing the hotel's free Internet service, the search engine is Google, which was deemed obsolete during the summer of 2019. 

You may be asking yourself, "How is time travel possible?" 

As much as I would enjoy answering your question, I've never been one to boast. This journal is purely for observational purposes. A highly-detailed report of my experiment will be published alongside this, and is currently in my laboratory in Harvard, in 2044. I presume this is a good time to explain the sole purpose of my experiment. Since the mid-1900's, scientists have constantly bickered on whether or not it is possible to alter history. For fear of altering civilization as we know it, I will only attempt to change as little as possible, and will achieve this by killing my teenage self, who is currently 15. 

The way I see it, there are two possible outcomes: 

1. He dies, and I am taken out of existence, proving that it is possible to alter history. However, this of course will greatly deter the progress of time travel since I will not be alive to experiment this in 2044. Although, if history can be manipulated, it's better to keep this knowledge a lost secret anyway.

2. He somehow doesn't die, and I remain the same; proving that no matter what, history cannot be changed. Everything that can happen has already happened, and no force can alter the outcome. 

Destiny Park was my hometown, and my teenage self is currently asleep at his house. as it is 4 in the morning. In the shroud of darkness, killing him should be an easy task. My weapon of choice is a single kitchen knife. I will unlock his bedroom window from the outside (I have years of experience with tampering with that window), enter his bedroom in silence, and plunge the knife through his heart. Since he and I have the same DNA and fingerprints, It will most likely be blamed on suicide. 

If I still exist after the action is performed, I will return to this motel and record my observations. 

- Christopher Banker, Time Traveler


The End

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