Detective Maisy Anders (part 2)

I dialled 999 (911) as quickly as I could and told them what happened, and who I was. The person who had been murdered was lying flat on her face. I am a detective so I had my detective gear with me I put on a pair of rubber gloves and turned her face round. Suddenly I new who it was, it was the girl I was so supposed to be interviewing today, and I was investigating her sister, Mary Smith, who had been murdered a few days ago. then I got out my phone and phoned the office.

"Hello its me Maisy Anders" I said.

"Hello Maisy, why were you late? and the person you were interviewing hasn't arrived" said Chantal the receptionist.

"That’s what I’m phoning about. Anne the person I’m supposed to be interviewing has been murdered."

"O I’ll get the boss to come and meet you outside.” I heard her typing on the key board then she asked. “where are you?"

"In the alley near work and it looks like 9 gun shots in the back, she is not alive because one seems to of hit a main artery from the heart. And Anne is Mary smiths sister. so i better look into this. Bye." then I put down the phone.

Suddenly I heard the sirens blazing.

The End

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