Detective Maisy Anders

Late again why am I always late. I walked out my house with a ton a papers and got into the car. Oh great another stupid traffic jam. 25 minutes late, rrr and I'm interviewing some one again. O and i'm only 2 roads away. RRR!!!

Yes finally were moving 40 minutes of sitting in this car were moving. Now 2 roads to go past and I'll be in the car park. O NOT THE STUPID CAR PARK!!!! RRRR!!! Theres never any places there though RRRRR!!!! Now I'll have to take ten more minutes driving to the other car park RRRR!!!! and you have to PAY!!!!

Ah finally a place rrr stupid pay parking though!! O now a ten minute walk, carrying LOADS OF PAPERS!!!

Finally there o guess what 7 spaces in the car park. well I'm nearly there just need to walk down the ally and I'm there. I walked down the ally......... then picked up my phone.


The End

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