The death of Mary, Then the death of me.

I walked out my house for the millonth time. I'd been working hard to get this job for ages and it was my interview today. I decied to wear the smartest dress and I had my hair cut especaily. Finally my chance to get this job.

I didn't want to be late so I got on the bus extra early. I waited 5 minutes and a bus came. I paid and got on the bus. I picked up the metro, there she was on the front page my sister, Mary, who got murded a few days ago. Tears came to my eyes but I held them back. She was my only sister. We shared many child hood memorys she was older then me and she was always helping me. We were like best friends. I allways remeber her standing up for me when some one hurt me or something... she was there.

I relised I was at my stop. I got off at my stop, It was near the center of town. I had to walk down a small dark allyway to get there. 

I walked down the ally . Suddenly I heard a voice it said "You shell pay to for what mary did!" then BANG! I fell and every thing drifted away into the darkness.....

The End

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