What do you propose?Mature

I asked, "I opened a portal! What portal?"

Paulus looked me as though,' I had lost my mind.' Saying,"Do you not understand what you have done?"

I looked at him as if his brain was addled, I decided that was the answer to what he was saying and doing. that had to be the answer I was going to tell him, that. Put that in your pipe and smoke it All I did was get bitten by a mouse.  That was it! Was it not? Mustering all my courage  up, I did not say this to him,"I do not, understand."

"I think your father's brother had done this in Kablize. We had to go there and stop it from growing!" he declared, as he looked me over carefully.  

Nataly suggested,"Did your father give you the medilian, as he was dieing?"' Please, say yes?  Please say, yes!', She mouthed silently, but I knew he did not give it to me willingly.

"No, he did not!"

"May we see the medilion!" Paulus askeed as he looked at me, and saw me wince.  "I only, want to see it.  Nothing else. Just to see it?"

I looked at them both as if their minds were gone from them, what would seeing the medilion do.  Nothing.  I knew that as I saw it, true. It was under father's supervision and only for, but an instance.I undid my shirt and jacket, as I did not want to seem like a total rube. I asked,"Are you not  going to play some music for me to do this with?"

"No!  Off with your shirt>" Nataly declared as if we did not have a moment to loose.

I thought, 'We had all the time in the world.  We did. Did we not?' I shrugged and danced a little bit as she screamed, "Enough! and belted me into the bed. The next thing, I knew I was shirtless, The medilian was on the bed, as I was on the floor.

The madilion shifted and changed shape within a second it was one thing and then another. The color of it was also changing as well, I never saw it do that before. What was going here.  I wanted to know, as Paulus stood with one foot on my cheek pressing it into the rug. I was able to see this from where I lay.

It needs to be in union with him, I am afraid, we have to bring him with us. The dolt!" Nataly stated as she watched the mediion do its thing. She lifted it off of the bed, It tore off to arrive on me. 

A flame rose off of my skin and there was a scent of burning meat as it was. I screamed, Whimpered, Cried. The chain dissolved, that was on it.  It rested on my  chest, It etched a hole in my chest deep enough for blood to run from it.  When my blood intermingled with it , it grew cooler. Until it was as warm as my blood is red.


It is continued in "The Whitely Estate!"

The End

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