You have opened a portal!!Mature

   "What have you done?" Paulus asked me, he looked worried, maybe even a little more frightened than anything else.  He did not seem to be afraid of anything, but whatever she was talking about. Frightened him. His brow began to sweat. As he sat there in front of  the laptop, His fingers were working feverishly on the keyboard, they danced faster than the mice could run and I knew that. Thanks to the bite from them.

  "Nothing." I said as if I had not care in the world. 

"What have you done? To create this.  It is  happening here as it did, there?" Nataly said, as she lifted my head to look into her eyes.  She was straining my neck doing this.  I was looking into her face.  Her looked like she would killed me, If she got the chance,

 I valued my life, but I did not know, what they were so, worried about.  Unless, I had done what had been done, that long ago. There! But I had not had I? "Well, All I did knock a bottle of blood, that father used as ink, onto a statue, that looks remarkibly like that one there." I declared as I saw the statue, about which was the ravine.

"You did!  What?"nataly asked, she ground out her smoke, balled her right into a fist.  I was going to get it and but good.  She pulled back  her fist to slug me, with a devastating uppercut. Sent it a flying towards my jaw.  

Paulus stopped teh fist before it connected, less then an inch away from my jaw. I expected to feel the impact take me into the grave, and see my teeth fly like doves into the sky when startled. Paulus said,"NO! We Need Him, Alive."

I still heard the impact in  my ears, Paulus was dragged off of his feet in order to stop thsi from impacting on my face. Paulus winced, She threw that punch with a great6 deal of weight behind it. Her other leg was lifted from the floor, with its force.  I believed Paulus was right. "They needed me.' I thought cofindently.

"Wait, a bleeding minute.  Need me!  What do you mean, need me?", I bellowed, she nodded her agreement to this fact. I was trying to get to my feet, Paulus put his hand on my shoulder I was pinned there like a butterfly on a butterfly board, Paulus looked into my ears and said."You are needed, as you opened a portal!"

The End

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