What I can tell you about it?Mature

   "I am Nataly Gastov!", The woman said as she looked as if she should have been on cover of vogue not here, having got to her feet to shake my hand. "Your father was responsible for releasing the monster in region of Kablize."

   I looked at her terrified. that was were nothing now lived.  There was a mention in the paper from there about something the news crew did not dare to describe. I knew one of the reporters looked as though he was unsure of what he was to say about the problem that was before them.  The community was no more, there government sealed it up. They did not issue any statement.   They made the reporters  suspect that there was that a reactor had blew up. That was what the government told them, they were assuredly  upset at their writing this.

"and I am Paulus, Trvainco!" the man whose voice I recognized from phoning him and shook my hand. he looked Grime and determined in telling me this. Was a business man in appearance. He had a suitcase, that was open. They had a dossier. With the name Whately and my mother's first name.

" Peter Whitely, Trere must be some mistake, in this matter/" I suggested as I looked at them both.

"I am afraid not?" Nataly told me.

"is this a picture of your father?" Paulus asked me as he handed me a picture of father emerging from a museum.

"I looked at it and did see my father there. "How did you get a picture of him?"

"I knew him to be a master theif. He stole something from an arabian figure, also he acquired a statue from a church.The statue should not have been there." nalaty addressed me, she looked like she was caged tiger desiring to get out of it, 

"That is proposterous."I suggested, my father was no theif.

"I am afraid not?"

"my father wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. " I said.

"That might explain why he was so rich?"

"Mind you, there was an earth quake here, this afternoon> I suspect, someoneopened a a portal to the other realm, where He exists>"

"Where who exists?"
"A grreen being with an squid like head, arms of a human, wings and a reptiles tail. Is what it is?"

I looked them as though they had seen a ghost, that I had seen? They were describing what I had seen in the room, where the vortex now was. Hoped beyond hope.  that they could give me away to seal the vortex. I was frightened, more so, now. What had my father gotten involved in. stole  in TUrkey, he felt he may have needed it t I looked them as though they had seen a ghost, that I had seen? They were 

"The medilion is  what he he stole in Turkey, he stole it to protect himself from it and its minions. The being is very powerful, we felt an earthquake afew hours ago, that had come from where your house is located.  Do you know anything about it. There is no point in lieing to us?" Nataly suggested as she lit a smoke and inhaled the smoke of it.

The End

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