Meeting the man, who knows about my medilionMature

I knew, 'where he was? I phoned him.

A voice said into the phone,"Yes?"

"I think you have been looking for me?" I suggested as I talked to him, knowing where he was here.  The hotel room, in the Delta.  "

"What do you mean, looking for me?" he asked, his voice had come from in gasps like he was being strangled by fear.  

"I am Whitely? Peter Whitely, my mother was Rosonin whitely?"

"What do you mean, looking for you? I have not been looking for anyone with that name?"

"I own a house with an elder sign on its door?" I supplied, as I listened to his horse voice coming through the phone.

"How do you know it is an elder sign?" he asked, hurriedly/

"Because I read H.P. Lovecraft's works is how?"

"Why should I be interested in that event?" I could hear him, sweating bullets, his voice was growing shallower as he spoke to me as if he is afraid of what I am saying to him. I could see his hands clutching the phone as if he wanted to kill whoever was on the other end of the line.

"If you are not? Good bye."

"No! I want to speak to you."

"Why do you want to tell me this, then?"

"Your name, might actually be.  Whately instead of Whitely.  Your parent's might have changed your last name, coming to America, Your mother has a great deal to do in this mattter, that is before us." he warned/

"my mother is dead!"

"Did you receive a medilion, that should be woren about your neck>  It should change almost within a second of being that way."

"Yes.  I did!"

"I went to see him.  Arrived at his doorstep, was about to bring my hand down on the door, when it opened.  I fell head first into him, beside him sat a woman on a couch with her shapely legs crossed.   She hid a smirk upon seeing me.  Tumble ontop the floor.

The man who opened the door, helped me up to my feet.  He said."You are Peter Whitely as you ahve been told, but your real name is Whately. Your father changed your name upon arriving on the boat to come here, Did he not? 

I shook my head as I looked about the room, there was a laptop,

The End

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