"You Will!"Mature

"You will! Thank the mother?" he said as he looked me square in the eyes, trying to see if  I was lieing.   Saw that I was not.

"I will, tell you what I know about it! Please,  take a seat.  I will tell you what I know about it and the man I saw." He continued as if he was a race horse and what he was saying was the speed at which it was flying down the racetrack. Looking at the chairs, beside an ornate desk.

"What man?" I asked, trying to find an answer to the guestion he posed before me, what man would be asking about the medilioon, I wanted to know. Maybe he could supply me with an answer to this problem, that was before me. What properties did the medilion have.  Why would someone be interested in it.

"The man seemed to have a great deal of knowledge about the medilion, and he asked about a person named Whately. However I did not know anyone by that name.  Mind you he did give me  a card." Paulus said, as he relaxed, realizing I posed no threat to him

 "When did he come to you?", I asked, trying to gain a clearer picture of the situation, Paulus still looked afraid of me, However seeing as that I no longer held him in my hands nor was showing him my fists, my hands lay on the arm rests of the chair. I looked at him as if to expect him to get up and lay some eggs.  Like a chicken, which I knew was impossible.

"About a couple of weeks ago?" Paulus told me, trying to forget how angry I had been with him a heart beat ago.

"Are tou sure, that was when he showed up here." I asked, my mother died, when he had shown up here, a day or so ago. Did he ask about any woman, with the name EStell? " I asked,

"That was the name he used. involving the name Whately at the end?  How did you know that?" he asked stupidified, by my knowledge of him."I do not know of him!"

"Did he say, he would be in town?" I asked trying to gain more information that was availible to me from Paulus. Alarm bells were chiming in my head about this matter.

"That is why he gave me the card> He said, someone would be poking about here with it amd wanting information about it!" Paulus suggested, as he looked me over, noticing that I seemed uncomfortable about this matter, that was before me.

That cinched it, I needed to find him, whoever he was. I looked at the card.  "Beverly Ave. 1080, his name is Mertial Bennicted."

I phoned, the number.

I heard, "yes. " 

"I am Peter Whitely. I have something,I think you are interested i  seeing!" I suggested to the voice.

"How did you get this number?" he asked. seemed frightened that I had called him, whoever he was.  I would most assuredly find out, when I got  to see him. His voice caught in his throat, each word had to be broken by a gasp.

"Paulus gave it to me?"

"I see?"

The End

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