the information I was to gainMature

The information I was to gain

  I still had the book and its odd symbols and the various other things I found that was addressed to me on the desk  the envelope had something inside of it, which had a little bit of weight to it.As soon as I headed out the door to this room, the envelope began to grow a warm,  I looked t at the envelope expecting to see it burst into flames. I let go of the envelope it hit the floor with a clunk, like it held something that was metal.  I attempted to lift it off the floor.  It felt as though it had gained eighty pounds.  The envelope looked like a standard size envelope.  

I had to go outside to get a crowbar to pry it off of the floor.  It felt as if it had been hammered into the floor.In stead of just having fallen there. When I inserted the pointy piece of the crowbar, the paper tore as if it had been soaked in liquid instead of being dry.  I saw something red inside of it.  

I damn near killed myself upon lifting it off of the floor.  It looked like a maybe a medalion.  Looking at it, it moved about as though it was made with quicksilver instead of a solid matterail. It felt cold to the touch, I looked at smoke pouring off of my hand that held it. It felt like it was blazing hot. The design, I could not rightly see.

I had to go somewhere to findout more about this matter. I was afraid of what I had seen there, That vortex was not going anywhere, I knew that for sure.  I opened the door to the room where the vortex was whirling about it. Yep. It still was there?

      What the vortex contained I did not rightly know. I was afraid of what I had seen down there.  I suppose with good reason, too.  Fear grabbed me, by the throat and threatened to slay me. My nails were bleeding from the force with which I had applied to stay here, and safe I walked back the way I had come.  

     I hung the medalion about my neck,and was almost pulled off my feet towards it. The medalion seemed about as head strong as a taurus if not strong even,  IT was pulling at the links in the chain that held it about my neck.  The links grew longer and threatened to separate from the rest of the chain where the medalion sat. I could feel them tearing into my neck to be free of my head and me. I grabbed the medilion and held it as I walked in a circle to be facing where I had come from out of the room.

       There were a few places where people might find antiquites, They were usually the places where people bought and sold things from where ever they were able to find them.  I walked into one shop. unsure as to what I would have to say, when I got there, The medalion had grown cold the further I got from the place, where I found it.

    I was looking about trying to find anything, that might resemble anything from the things that Lovecraft had described in his works.  Finding no such thing at this one shop. I decided to go to the next shop. I decided to iniquire where I could find an object such as this, showing him the medilion. He turned and made a motion as if to leave.  

I reached out and grabbed him, by his shirt's collar to hold him there, So, I could talk to him.  A moment ago, he was not sweating now, he was. It was not hot in here in anyway. There was a bit of a draft from the airconditioner as it worked here.  Sweat jettisoned rfrom his brow, to run in streams down his face. His skin was growing whiter by the instant.  His eyes almost leapt from his head.

  He did not move, so much as an inch from where he stood, thanks to my grip on hsi collar. I said,"I take it, you know of this?"

  He shook his head, peed his pants, but said<"I know nothing about it or him?"

"I did not mention a him, did i?"

"I can not speak of it or him!" the last word was almost breathed instead of say saying it.

I drew him nose to nose with me, and said,"Who is he?"

"I can not say!" he declared, his veins were throbbing at a pace which was usual for a man standing stock still.  I saw them pulse and beat like a drummer's drum when playing a heavy rythm on them.

"Tell Me!" I suggested, whispered,"I will let you go?"

The End

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