What was my father doing?Mature

     The wind of this vortex was pulling away at my clothing.  I looked around and saw pages being pulled into the hole, I had to be away from here. What did I do? I was afraid of what I had found out? 

    Made it to the door.  Saw a mouse, vicious looking thing before me and it.  I did not have time to debate with it.  I had to get out, Flung the mouse aside, before it hit me. Touched the heavy oak door, it was closed. I had to struggle to climb to the latch, got there. If I was to open the door here, I would be in the way. I would have to crawl across the edge of the door to open it, or be hurled into the abyss.

    What Grit my teeth, said a prayer as I attempted to get to the other side away from the hinges of the door.  Each inch was treacherous.. To go.  I was sweating bullets. Each inch was closer to safety.


Was that, that was down there. Where had I gone?  I did not  know, nor did I wish to? I knew must find the answer to this question that was before my very eyes. Where in heavens name would I find the answer? I did not know, where I would the  answer to this.

    Made it. Wanted to make the sign of the cross, as the young girl had shown me as a child. I said, "Thank you, Betty for doing this for me!"

     Felt around for the latch, found it. Tugged on the door. It eased open to reveal the hallway.  Safe! I said, to myself

There had to be an answer , somewhere? But where?  I did not know of any possible answer to this query. Where could I go to get the information about this matter.  Who were the others of my father's coven, I did not know



The End

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