Where was I?Mature

   I felt the ground that I lay on to see what it was like the material crumbled beneath my hands, it was a yellow soil.


 I saw a maze that was unlike any I had seen here on of buildings where of every geometric shape and beyond any from which I stood on the mountains on earth these mountains look unlike any I had ever seen on earth, in the center was a statue of the figure |I had just seen on the desk.  It was not here.

      I saw my father being carried towards the statue on object which  they would carry body to a funeral pyre.  He was being held above their heads in the Viking’s age  for them to bury a leader. They looked smaller than ants.  

    When I looked at them, I suddenly found myself there, with them carrying father on my shoulder was a beam that held him there. I could  feel him thrashing about. The beam jerked as  he thrashing about on the surface trying to be free from where he lay and screaming, "No! In heavens name no!"        

  The people carrying father were male, their eyebrows shrouded their eyes in a myriad of darkness, their noses were flat, it was though the face had been caved in.  Large lips, crevices and cavernous lines marked their faces. They were gargantuan in size.  Their skin was blue in color. My skin began to crawl as they looked my father on the mat being carried.                                   

       The statue was green in color and rose from where it sat to look at him.   It was moving? Statues do not move,so  it was a living being that I saw here. It towered over the buildings that  were there. It moved towards where my father lay tied to a mat, which they carried.  It looked down at him as if to decide what to do next.  It nodded in agreement whatever they were saying to it.  I did not rightly understand what they were saying to it.                    

The End

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