The contractMature

     I brought the key towards the lock, I was trembling so much that I missed the lock. Doing this four more times, but the lock  hole was entered on the fifth attempt.     The key slipped inside the lock. I turned the key heard an audible click, and then I opened the desk. As the top rolled up, I was able to see what was there.

   I saw another object that was a statue on the bottom of the desk top, it had a small ravine placed in it, it that was what the ridge was for.  The object in the ravine was with little wings on its back, a head like a squid only with more tentacles around what looked like mammals torso, having two arms and paws, within its paws was what looked to be the earth, on its base were talons like a great bird and a tail that wrapped about some of the tentacles.                                                                                                                                                        I turned tail and was about to run when I saw something there, that made me freeze right where I stood.   On top of the desk's shelves were papers, and bottle unspotted. Beside which was an envelope with my name on it.

    Written in blood

. It had been written in blood There had been an unusually that I did not realize until I was out in the real world.  The quills if they were still used were using ink instead of blood. Father always wrote with blood, his blood. It was his writing as it was ornate with the symbols he used to write my name it was in his  in his usual form or calligraphy.  

      I knew I drew up the envelope, the bandage on my hand became unraveled to allow some of my blood to fall upon the small revine where the statue stood.  I was attempting to see what was in the envelope.  I spilled the ink well, and  spilled a red fluid. It encircled the statue. I grew dizzy and fell.                                                                                                          


   When I reawake, I was not in the room.  I looked about in search of an answer to this matter.  I should see books on shelves.  Yet I saw none. Instead  I saw what looked to be a city before my eyes. The sky was unlike I have ever seen before, the sky was purple.  Clouds were red and yellow.

The End

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