the key hole for the deskMature

     The door opened easily, I turned on the light.   Looked inside the chamber, the desk was still there. I had tried to open it before hand.  But was unable too. I looked at it,  it needed a key to open it.                                                                                                                                                   There were thousands of books here, they were without a covering over their spines, and they looked to be bound. I decided  I would with draw one of these books from the selves to see what they held inside of them.                                                                                                   I choose one of the books at my shoulder's height. The book was in there tighter than anything I could imagine aside from father's view of these rooms and me being there. It fell out of where it had been.  It was heavy in its right to be. I looked at its cover, I found there was nothing that I could read, as I poured over the other books. Finding was nothing in the books that told me anything. They had items on them things that made my blood run cold just looking at them even though I could not understand them.             

   The room was where I  was reading it. I saw a flickering of light beside the broken the lantern's well was a small object that the light danced upon . It shone with the light from the flashlight.  I gently I reached for what I assumed was a key. Would have to fit the drawn desk's lock.  Or so, I believed, There was a ring on it.  I drew up the key.

    Why would father have locked the desk?  What was in there? Was he afraid someone would get in here?   I was afraid, of what I did not know?   But I did not know what was in it?  Was?

    I crouched down to draw it up. The mice and their cousins have not made an appearance, since I reentered the room. I was still afraid of them, Before I had come in here, I bought a block of cheese, and a filled a saucer with what the nurse told me they loved. Red wine. I bought the most expensive bottle of it for them. Wine and cheese party for the mice.

    I trembled  with fear as I brought myself up enough to poke my nose into the lock. Looked at the shape of the slot and the shape of the key, it looked to be the same. But was it? I did not know;  my hand shook as it drew closer to  the lock. The lock's hole was just enough room for the key.                                                                                                  

The End

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