Am I a man or a mouse?Mature

      Found that it had closed. Now, I might be in here for days on end. I heard the scampering of mice feet in the darkness, I had to  get out.  I simply had to. I charged towards what I thought was the door. Stumbled back after having collided with the shelves of books.  I could hear the mice running towards me.

   The mice were getting closer.Shit! They are getting closer, still.  I could just see them gnawing on my bones, and flesh. I would be a meal for them. Thank you, but no thank you mr mouse, or miss mouse. I am not about to become mouse food.

    I screamed in horror. I  was able to see a mouse looking at me, I was afraid.  It twitched its nose at me, Leapt at me.   I leapt backwards to avoid it from getting to me, I crashed into the wall of books. Smashed my face into it. As it on my face.  The mouse was on my face. I could feel its sharp claws digging into my face. I fell backwards into the hallway's floor, my head bang  into the wall. There was still light that illuminated the hallway.                  The mouse's  paws had chunk of my flesh dangling from them. It looked  at me, blood ran from its mouth too.    

                                                                                                I had to go to see a doctor, I was not impressed. Scrambling back into my car, slamming the door, I drove like the devil was on my bum.  Ran inside the hospital to get treated.    Coming back from the hospital bandages adorned my face I was not happy. I brought along with a flashlight, I could not rely on the lanterns. They were fragile, and seeing  as I broke one with out much difficulty. I did not wish to go and see what was there and be plunged back into darkness. Again.                                                                                                  I walked back into the room, where I had broken the lantern in. I was not going to let a mouse scare me. Am I?

 Am  I a man or a mouse. I do not want any cheese. Beer and  a good book, so I suppose I am a man. Mice do not like books or beer.  Wait a minute,  they do like books as that was what I saw in there with them.     

The End

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