The doorwayMature


Walked into the hallway. The light showed the rodents fleeing from the open door way. I stepped forward.  I felt a wind blow into the chamber.  The light flickered, it almost died. I held my breath and prayed. The light diminished quite a bit, and almost went out. 

   I felt a chill slither up my spine, I was afraid. The light almost went out, but I added the gas to allow it burn a little more. I saw the doors that were upon the walls. One of doors was slightly ajar.  I would have to check it out.       

   I walked father towards the door.

   I touched it, the door eased open, with a loud squeak. I nearly jumped out of my skin the lantern wavered in my hand, when I got my legs and nerves under control  looked inside the room, I saw ledges with numerous volumes of books there, and there was desk which had a closed top.

   I heard a sound behind me, I whirled around dropped the lantern. It fell onto the floor. In the suddenness of my action I was dropped into a pit of absolute darkness. There came a crash. That told me I broke it. Some portionof it touched my toe of my boot. I tried to adjust my footing,

   My toe hit the desk, I stumbled and fell into the darkness to collide with the desk. I felt the wooden surface where the roll top was come down. as I collided with it, fell heavily onto the floor, as I was crawling around on the floor, the light began to despite. 

       I began to feel around for the lantern, I could see the faint out line of it there, teh base was cracked, a chunk of it lay on the floor before my fingers.  I felt a cool fluid on the floor, I knew it was gas. Because I cut my fingers trying to find it on the floor.  

    The lantern had a cylinder with which the light would flow. I drew up my fingers and smelled it. It was kerosene.    The blood splashed on the desk's top. The blood ran as though it was a stream.                                                                                                                                That meant I broke the vessel that contains the fuel for it. The fuel was not good to be in a place like this, it would burst into flames if I was to light a match. I cussed my stupidity, I choose to walk back to the door through which I entered this place.

     Sucked on my bleeding fingers, cursed my clumsiness for breaking the lantern, thought I might have to have it stitched up as it bleeding well.

The End

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