The lanternsMature

   The lanterns

   The stories were written by H.P. Lovecraft, I loved the stories, but I had thought that they were fiction. Maybe they were not.  The symbol is an elder sign, from the stories I read. I knew from the stories by him.

   I did not know that the stories were real or that my father knew about them.  I did not realize, that father believed in anything of faith.  However from what I was able to understand now he was a witch.

    I eased the key into the lock, it opened effortlessly. Inside there were gas lanterns instead of lights.  Father had not thought to renovate the house any more than he did before I left.   

    The house was shrouded in darkness, thanks to the curtains , but I knew behind them was not a window to be found.  The curtains were drawn just to create the illusion that there were windows there.

     The foyer was wide.  There were doors in the hallway.  The house was not large, by any one's standards.  I walked towards the door that father had never allowed me to go.

    The door was eight feet tall, three feet wide. There was a key in the door, which was unusual as father had never allowed anyone in there.  

    I eased open the door to see what I would find there.  

I heard a squeak, I nearly jumped out of my skin.  I was afraid what had made that sound, I could not see what had made the sound, figured it might be the rodents.

   I told myself, I do not have to worry about it.  It was just the rodents who are there,

   The darkness held the hallway in its grasp.  I could not see anything, I walked back to light one of the gas lanterns drew it off of what was resting on.  Eased the gas into the lantern, ignited it.  





The End

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