Weird ScienceMature

                                  WEIRD SCIENCE

  I walked to the door, as Dotter walked towards me and asked, “Do you have any idea, what happened to you father?"

I peeked my shoulder to see him, as the sky opened up and poured down upon me, lightning lit the sky. I did not notice it until I was here.  The huge forks of lightning lit the sky; the thunder roared like an angry god, “No, I have no idea!"

I wanted to get inside the house, not to stand here and get drowned in the pouring rain. The rain was falling in buckets.  I had not been planning to stay on the stoop all day. I wanted to be away from Dotter, he was an annoyance on two legs. A bedbug has more of a purpose than he does.

The door was locked; father always had left the door ajar. Now, it was locked.  I wonder when he had chosen to do this, now. 

    He never spoke to me, since he threw me out, mortal anguish held my soul as I approached the door. I never really looked at the door, there was something etched into the door, but I had never thought to look at it so, closely before. There were bits of paint that peeled from the door beneath it was abet of silver there.

    There was something there that was most assuredly different from the other houses here.


       I wanted patiently until Dotter had left me alone at the door. The paint had begun to peel from the door, I found out beneath the paint was a surface that was etched into the door.  I decided to scratch with a butter knife beneath the paint, poked and prodded on the doors surface to see what was beneath it. there was a metal that shone like bronze that was etched had the form of what looked like a symbol, that I had seen in the magazines called weird science,







The End

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