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  It was as my father was a fortress of loneliness, he never  laughed. I found things funny I would but he would not. He even scolded me, for laughing at this or that.

     We never celebrated any holidays. I could never invite anyone inside the house. Most people seemed to react as though I was the plague when they found out my last name. I never understood, why other children would be happy that halloween was coming. To me It was just another day.

      No reason to celebrate, or get dressed in funny clothes, I attempted to do this. My father looked at me, if looks could kill, I would be dead, by his eyes looking on me. He looked at me as though I had done, something forbidden.

    His face was full of crags and lines like a map. His eyes were solid grey. His hair was scant, it was on the sides of his head, and it never seemed to grow any longer. He was as lanky as a rail. He seldom said anything.


     At one time, I walked into that strange thing that has a steeple, a cross over to top of it and this was on a Sunday.  I had been invited to go there by a friend.                                               There was a person standing at what she called an altar.  The person talked at the altar for quite some time, she had me walk up to a pool of water. Make the sign of a motion to put water on my forehead, and chest, than dunked it into the water to go right across by eyebrow to left to the other with its water, and tried to get me to go into this box.  But I refused to do this, that she suggested, "Was blessed!"

"Blessed, what is blessed?" I asked.

She looked at me, mystified. “What do you mean, you do not know, what is blessed?"

When I returned to my house.  My father asked me, "Where I had been?"

I told him, “The building with a steeple on it, with the thing, they call across a cross!"

  He gave me a hiding, "Which I could never believe it was within an inch of my life, when he finally stopped doing this.


             The elder sign



The End

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