Then I heard a voice scream, “You!"  I could not be sure, of who had spoken, but felt

    it sounded like father.  I was petrified I stood there frozen to the spot. Father caught

    me, I felt his  steely hands close about my neck draw me off  of my bare feet  Before I

     was able to say anything, or scurry back the way I had come.  Drew me off of the

     floor. Shook me like I was a tambourine. Hurled me back from whence I had come.

   Saying, "Never go there again. Never!"


   I looked at the door.  I was now, or never.  I decided, I would go in to find out what he was trying to hide there. Now, I would find out. I would!  By George, I would? I smiled to reassure myself that I would find out.  I pulled myself to my full height and brought my chin up like I had nothing to worry about.  Father was not here? Was he?


   I drove to house, it was my new home. I was going to change it, the exterior was moss covered, where the ivy was not and the paints had not peeled from were as black as the night sky.  The house was a ramshackle affair looked like a house of cards.  I thought if the wind got too high it would be blown off of its foundations. It spanned the majority of the yard.  

      There were oddities, that I never realized, like why was there a pentacle made out of stone in the backyard.  The points had what I had always thought had to have been clay sculptures of skulls, the lines had a in them a brownish marks on them; like dried blood.  I walked back to nudge one of these skulls out of place. It moved easily, the jaw separated from the head, the head rolled over onto its side.

    He would not allow me to go out into the populace, or go into the backyard on Halloween.  I did not realize that there was the pentacle was made on the ground of it.   a Now, I saw that it was a pentacle made of white powder, I knew it was a pentacle with a circle drawn around it. The skull I had kicked weighed very little, it was hollow like a skull would be, I saw a spider and its web in its eye holes.

    He allowed me to go in there as youth, yet on each and every Halloween, he refused to the brownish color in the middle of the lines was redder and larger in color.  I heard screams come from the backyard  on that evening, I did not make any signifigance to it. What I should not have done? However how was I to know this, then?

The End

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