What I have seen as a child.

     I was there.  There! I sneaked into this

   area, where this door had lead of two was a

   hallway.  At the very end was a huge amphitheater.

   In the midst of darkness I was able to discern

   lanterns, that were all over the house.  They were

   way above my head, so high I could not reach it.


       I did not hear anyone behind me, in here. If  my   father was behind me, I would have heard him being there, as his footsteps were very  distinctive as he dragged one of his feet to get moving, followed by his cane tapping on the wooden floor. He was the only other person who was here was him or mom.

        I rubbed my hands together to emphasize the glee

   I would feel upon seeing what he was hiding here. The

   hallway was adorned with nothing other than

   gas lanterns that were upon the walls at the

  edges of it at the ends.

     The walls were cedar; the doors were shorter in

  height the ones in the rest of the house.

     I recalled seeing some rodent droppings there on

  the floor.

      I heard the door open. There was no one here,

 but me. I looked about trying to find who was there

 I did not see anyone there, so, I steeled my nerves

and continued on in my search of the place.  Saw

the light explode from the lanterns into here.

Illinumating What was here,  I felt the rustling of the

wind in here. Where there was no wind.

    I did not hear anyone come into the hallway.  

So, who was that? Who was invisible? No one, I

Knew, but I saw the light fall into the hallway

from behind me.

    That I froze right where I stood. What opened

the door? If it was not father, who.  Opened the

 door. I did not know, my blood ran cold in my



The End

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