Chapter 9Mature

The wind whistling past my ears as I continue my free fall towards the ground, my finger tips still just brushing my cowboy hat that appears to be my only chance for survival.  I finally get a grip on my magic cowboy hat, and place it on my head, wondering what, if any, sensation I'll feel upon impact. 


For the first time I observe my surroundings, amazed at the beauty of mother nature. From the flock of birds in the distance, to the beautiful yet dangerous cliff that appears to be growing taller as I continue to fall. The only things out place is me and my car.


 And thats when it happens... While I'm distracted by mother nature, I'm hit in the face by a happy meal box. The impact of the happy meal causes a moment of surprise, and knocks my cowboy off my head. The ground continues to appear closer and closer, and I know there is no way I'm going to be able to get back to my hat. I know this is the end of awesome, and one tear squeezes from my eye, and immediately dries from the wind.


 That's when I remember I'm wearing my new time travel watch.  I quickly turn the knob, and activate the watch, not knowing or caring where it transports me to.

The End

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