Chapter 5Mature

So, here I am, riding a wheelie on my motorcycle, shooting flames behind me, wearing what I am now referring to as The Gimp Suit. I look life I should be chained up in a pawn shop basement, waiting for Zed. At least when people look at me now, they don't just see a giant pile of gore with legs and arms.

"I need a head," I think.  The mask covering the gore that is my face and the cowboy hat look stupid.  "I also need some clothes to wear over this gimp suit," so with a plan in mind, I head to the local mall to obtain my new clothing.

The trip to the mall was very quick (I hate the mall).  I purchased my clothes, and put them on over the gimp suit.  I also killed a young handsome guy in the restroom (I beat him with a dildo known as "The Jackhammer", which I failed to remove from my gore body when I obtained the gimp suit, until he passed out, then cut his head off and attached it to mine). But in the process of attaching the head, I experienced the oddest sensation. 

I noticed when I removed the cowboy hat, I started to lose the ability to move, see, and think.  I will need to experiment more, but I think the cowboy hat is the source of my life.  I guess Barney Rubble was right; I really am like a snow man, frosty to be exact.

All of this is running through my head, as I drive my motorcycle back to my house in the mountains. But I can figure out off of this later, right now I simply want to go home, and relax.


The End

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