The Deal

A psi-vampire, nicknamed Loki, asks a stranger to fetch him a youngster to sap energy from. The man brings him Alice, a nine-year old girl whom he forms an unlikely friendship with.

'You don't understand, I don't want to hurt you. I just need you to get someone for me.'

'Please don't hurt me, I'll do anything you want. I have a family please, you can't, you caaaan't...'

Loki, as he liked to call himself, stared at the pathetic little man cowering before him on his knees. A grown man, burbling like a baby.

'I told you, I'm not a blood-sucker. I don't want to suck your blood. You're not listening.'

The moustachioed man looked up.

'You don't want to kill me?'

'That's what I've been telling you for the last four minutes.Now will you please pay attention? Feel free to take notes. It's not like I'm in a hurry or anything.'

The man gazed at Loki. At first, he had been frightened by this stranger. Now, he looked quite normal. He wore jeans, a shirt with the words 'I'm out of bed, what more do you want?', and old sneakers. The only strange thing about him was his flame-coloured eyes and dark hair.

'What is it you want, then?' he said, getting up, trying to remain dignified.

Loki sighed. 'OK. For the last time. I want you to find me a person. Any person, so long as they're youngish. OK?'

'But why?'

'I've alreadu explained. I am not a blood-sucking vampire. I know those vampires are very common, but the truth is there are more psi-vampires than sanguinarians.'


'A blood-sucker, aren't you listening? God. Anyway, I'm a psi-vampire, meaning I feed off the psychic energy of others. OK? With me so far? So I need you to get me a youngish person to feed off. Got it?'

'Well... ok, but...' the moustachioed man still looked confused, 'are you going to kill them?'

'I shouldn't have to, not if I take a different person every day. Psychic energy can be rebuilt, don't you even know that?'

'So you're not going to suck my blood?'

'NO! For God's sake.' The vampire kicked a nearby bit of litter.

'You shouldn't blaspheme like that,' the man said, a little more bravely. He went to church twice a week back home.

'Do I look like I care what God thinks of me? Now would you please go and find a youngster and bring them back here?!'

'Why don't you do it?'

'I can't, you know what these parents are like with their kids now. All these rapists wandering around, they're hardly going to let me make playdates with their kiddlywinks.'

'How am I supposed to find a kid?'

'That's your problem. If you don't produce one within the hour, I take your energy, and YOU DIE. Do you understand that, you hairy moron?' Loki folded his arms impatiently, enjoying the look on the man's sweaty face.

Once the man had scarpered, Loki walked around for a bit, thinking about hanging out at the park for a while. He liked to hang upside down on the monkeybars there.

The man ran as fast as he could , away from the vampire, hoping beyond hope he could find a youth in time.


The End

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