The mission: completed

“I am PTI agent Marsha of the Electronics. Please state your names.” Marsha demanded.
    “Cadet Rose Patterson of the PTI Academy.” Rose said.
    “Cadet Jonathan Jones of the PTI Academy.” Jon said robotically.
    “Affirmative. Please state your reasons for usage of this disk.”
    “Send information to PTI master controls. There has been a bridge in our system. We need a lock down in this building as soon as possible.” Rose ordered.
    “Progressing your request.”
    Rose sighed.
    “It better work.” She punched the wall. “You better work fast, you son of a-”
    “Oh my God.” Jon whispered.
    The door stood open ajar. The lock had been disabled. With them being so occupied with the disk they hadn’t even heard the door giving way. Like spiders on a warm day, the zombies walked into the room.    

Rose counted three, five. Oh God.
    Bloody, stained teeth came into view as the un-dead slowly came too close.
    “Jon, pay attention to the computer, I’ll take care of our little friends!” Rose yelled as she kicked a zombie on the chest. She screamed as she snapped two necks and broke a couple of legs.
    “Transfer complete. The result of this transfer is to terminate the system.” Marsha said, coming back onto the monitor. “Termination will complete in t-minus thirty seconds.”
    “Jon come on, we have to get out of here.” Rose yelled beating another zombie down.
    “You don’t have to tell me twice,  where did they all come from?” Jon yelled, punching a zombie straight in the head.
    “I have no idea just-” Rose’s scream ran out of her mouth before she could stop it. She waved her arms back blindly and felt a zombie feasting on her neck. Blood gushed everywhere and Jon stopped and watched horrified. Rose pushed the zombie back holding her wounded neck and kicked it on it’s collarbone.
    “What the heck do you think you’re doing? Go! Leave me here, I’ll be one of them anyways, trust me you don’t want to be around me then.” Rose commanded.
    Jon nodded and started running towards the door, fighting his way through, against the hungry un-dead. Reaching the door he looked back and heard low, painful moans as the zombies ate their meal. On the verge of a breakdown, Jon walked out the door. All he had to do was run down the corridor, get into the one room they had been in before, climb up the vent, and leave the way they came in.
    Fate wasn’t going to be so kind to him. Standing in front of the entrance to the room he was planning to go to, was Melissa. Except this wasn’t her exactly.
    “Holy...” Jon swore as Melissa turned slowly to him.
    She looked normal. Like as if nothing had happened. Nothing at all. She still looked strong, agile.
    “Melissa?” Jon said cautiously.
    She hissed and bared her teeth and saliva swam down her chin. Jon turned to run and saw that the zombies behind him were quickly catching up.
    Then Jon remembered something that terrified him more than his current situation. Termination. When the countdown was done every possible exit of the building closed and an inner explosive would go off.
    His first mission, would be his last. This was a suicide mission. He should have known. Melissa had walked closer to Jon while his mind was thinking and a zombie behind him had grabbed his left leg.
    Jon closed his eyes as the pain entered his body. The feeling of being mutilated, cut in half, entered the very depths of his soul. In high-school he remembered he would have given anything to have the girls fight over him. But here the zombie’s were merely fighting over their snack.
    “Termination activated.”
    First there was the light, brighter than the sun. Then with a sound louder than thunder Jon’s pain seized.

The end.

The End

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