The disk

He ran past Rose and tried the door. It opened easily under his gloved hands. Rose turned back towards the door and saw that the closest zombie was now less than four feet from them and Jon was waiting for her. She could hear Melissa’s last gasping breath escape her pale, dead mouth and Rose ran. It felt like hours. To Rose, time had stopped, at least that’s how she felt as she ran towards the door. Nearly escaping the grasp of a brunette zombie, Rose closed the door behind her and locked it. Jon was bent over puking his guts out in a corner of the deserted room.  Rose walked towards a well furnished desk in front of a big eerie window that overlooked the dark, empty streets.
    She sat in the chair that had been placed by the work desk and there, sitting innocently on the table was the disk. Medusa had seen better days for there were scratches all along the front. The piece of tape that wore the disk’s name had been almost torn away.
    “Here it is.” Rose said picking up the disk. “All of this hard work, for this little thing.”
    As she sat there, she suddenly remembered something.
    “Listen Jon. I know this room is all messed up but do you think you could find some sort of hard drive?” Memories rushed back to her. “Yes, a hard drive. There should be one on one of the walls.”
    Jon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He then searched by running his fingers along the walls and realised that no noises had come from the hall.
    “Hey Rose. Why is it so quiet?” Jon asked, still searching the walls.
    “I don’t know, maybe this room is soundproof.” Rose replied, feeling behind a bookcase.
    “Impossible. This is just a regular building. At least before the zombies got here. Besides, just think for a moment. Have any of the other rooms been connected to technology in any way?” Jon asked. Looking around and then he finally found a decreased piece of wall. “Well never mind that, I think I found it! Come here!”
    Running across the room to where Jon was, Rose heard a terrifying sound emitting from the door. A cracking noise. Almost as if the door was about to cave in on them.
    “God, they move fast. Hurry where is it?” She asked Jon as she held onto the disk.
    “Right here.” Jon pressed down on the wall and like magic it moved aside, revealing a small monitor and hard drive etched into the wall.
    “Great, we have to work fast.” She stuck the disk into the hard drive and the monitor turned on.   

The PTI initials shone on the monitor and a digital face appeared. It was a blonde, blue-eyed animated female and her words were sharp.

The End

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