Afraid that she already knew the answer to her question Rose turned her head. She then saw the shadows of almost ten zombies heading up the stairs right beside the door. Without any hesitation she began to move towards the PTI room and she stared back at Jon.
    “Let’s go.” He said helping Melissa up from where she had decided to rest. “Get up Melissa, we are almost there.”
    “No.” Melissa said simply, her gaze focused on Jon’s face. Rose had a feeling she wasn’t really looking At him. “I want to stay here. You two go ahead.”
    “Your insane, we can’t leave you. We’re a team, teams don’t separate, they stay together and watch their weak.” Jon said spontaneously, clearly out of desperation.
    Rose knew he had grown attached to Melissa. Poor kid, he isn’t used to so much death in one day. She watched the growing shadows of the unwelcome un-dead and turned back to Jon.
    “Melissa, you sure about this?” She asked Melissa, looking back a few times, watching her back.
    “Yeah, I’m sure. All I do is slow you guys down. Might as well stay here.” Melissa tried to laugh but coughed instead. “Jesus, just go.”
    Jon looked down at the weakened Melissa and slowly walked away from her.

The End

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