The Door

An hour had passed and the three PTI soldiers were still in the building. Rose stared at Melissa’s pale face and she knew that if they didn’t move faster they would all surely die. All she had to find was a disk with the name Medusa. How ironic, naming a disk after an evil goddess. Rose pushed such thoughts out of her mind. Her mission was to collect the disk not to wonder what the origins of it’s name were. PTI didn’t bother to inform it’s soldiers of anything other than the missions. 
    Melissa had already fainted a couple of times and her time was running out. Rose’s thoughts were interrupted by an acute scream of pain. Jon’s voice sounded louder than usual as it broke through the screams.
    “Rose, wait!” He steadily helped Melissa move towards Rose. “I don’t know how much she has left in her.”
    “We are almost at the room with the disk. She can do it.” Rose stared at Melissa and back at Jon. “Come on, we can’t stop. We don’t know how many zombies there are in this building, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to meet and make friends with any of them. I know Melissa, heck she used to be one of my command officers back in the day. She’s taken worse beatings.”
    Turning around and walking slowly away Rose heard a sigh. It could have just been her imagination but experience told her otherwise.
    “Let’s go, they’re coming!” She looked around for the source of the sigh. As she searched for the zombie she could hear a few more than five sighs now. No, not sighs. Cries. Cries of hunger. She stared at Jon and back at Melissa. Then she looked across the long, for now, deserted hall way and saw a door with the signatures PTI scratched onto it’s wood surface.
    “I can’t believe it. Jon look. “ She pointed at the door and couldn’t trust her luck.

The End

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