"Watch her back"

Freed, Melissa quickly looked through the many pockets of her suit. Finding a piece of safety gauze, she briefly looked at the initials of PTI and searched the seemingly empty room.
    “Rose, hunt for anymore of our friends. Jon, thanks.” She looked at Jon, then at her injured shoulder. “Wow, they have a good bite. So much for unbreakable material huh? These suits are worthless.”
    “Here I’ll help you.” Jon said walking towards Melissa and taking the gauze. “Jesus, this wound must be at least five inches long and three inches wide. Hold on, this might hurt.”
    “All clear here.” Rose said walking back towards her two partners. “You can move right? I mean you aren’t becoming one of them yet, are you?”
    “Not yet, is there a way out of this room?” Melissa demanded as she strained her teeth together from the pain. She gasped for breath, she was running short on it for some reason. “We have to complete our mission and get the hell out of here.”
    “Yeah.” Rose looked Melissa up and down suspiciously. “There’s a way out.”
    “Let’s go.” Melissa got up, swayed a bit as if challenged by gravity for a few moments and turned to Jon. “Jon, last thing we need is any panic so stay clear headed. Remember what the sergeant taught us. He died for us, we might as well finish.”
    “Jon, go behind Melissa and watch her back.” Rose said pulling her knife out. “I have the only knife left, so I’ll go in front.”
    Swiftly stepping over boxes that were up side down on the floor, the three soldiers made their way towards a door that had been hidden behind chairs and a large metal bookcase. Pushing aside the bookcase, Rose turned and stared at Melissa.
    “You ready?” she asked.
    “Yeah,” Melissa squinted. “I’ll be alright.”
    “Real interesting books. ‘Only Yours: Best Strategies For A Better Company’.” Jon smirked. “To think I almost worked in a place like this.”

The End

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