At a snail’s pace, Melissa walked out of the room and watched the zombie gnaw at a severed piece of small intestine. Blood spurted out of the un-dead’s mouth as it looked up at Melissa’s face. Moving with intense agility, Melissa ran straight at the now standing zombie and kicked it on the chest, sending it straight into the opposite wall. Cautiously reaching the dazed zombie she kneeled down and put her gloved hands on it’s decaying neck. On the verge of finishing the job she felt something move behind her. Suddenly a pain strong enough to kill even the strongest of men hit her shoulder. The throbbing of her shoulder was so tough that it felt like her skin, her very flesh, had become ice and something as hot as the sun was melting it down to the bone.  Holding back a scream of agony she snapped the zombie’s neck and the welcoming sound of cracking bones and tendons echoed in her ears. Still shaking in pain she turned her head and saw the same man that had been lying dead only minutes before biting down on her shoulder. Watching her own blood swim down the un-dead’s chin made her nauseated and light-headed. Crunch. Jon had thrown his knife at the zombie’s skull and it’s blank eyes rolled up into it’s head and he collapsed onto the wooden floor.

The End

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