Weapon-less, Melissa depended on her two partners to keep her safe. They didn’t have a lot, just two hand grenades and they each had their knives, but it was better than what she had, which was just pure reliance on her combat fighting abilities. She looked around the room and noticed that it was empty, except for a few boxes labelled for some Scott Anderson and an office table in the far left corner. It was dark in this room, but her eyes were quickly adjusting, but not fast enough. She pressed a small red button on her bullet proof helmet and signalled for the other two to do the same.  The button activated their night vision goggles.   
    “Room secure?” Melissa asked looking around.
    “Secure.” Rose responded quickly. “What do we do now? There’s a door but we could just walk into another trap.”
    “‘Be a soldier’ They said, ‘Serve your country!’ Oh man, I could have been a lawyer. Man, I could even have been a doctor, but no I had to be a PTI soldier.” Jon rambled.
    “Quiet” Melissa said to Jon. “Can’t lose you yet buddy.”
    Still looking around, Melissa steadily walked to the door that was on the left side of the room. Slowly she put her right ear to the door and pressed a blue button on an ear piece that she was wearing. What this button did was activate super sonic hearing. She could hear creaking floorboards and shuffling papers, but other than that it was pretty silent. She signalled for Rose to walk behind Jon so as to watch the amateur’s back. Gently opening the door, Melissa looked out. She could have vomited if she were not used to the sight in front of her, unfortunately she was.
    A zombie was bent over a dead body that turned out to be his bloody meal. The victim, a man in his late thirties, lay with blank pupils staring up at the ceiling. His once blonde hair lay matted to his forehead and was permanently stained dark red. His mouth, which was open in a now silent scream, proved that his death was caused by a surprise attack. A pool of murky blood glowed around him and his inner organs were surrounding his stiff body.

The End

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