The room

“Thought you might need some help.” Jon’s hand stretched out to Melissa to indicate that she should get back up, but only after he had thrown his empty pistol away.
    “Come on! They’re onto to us.” Rose screamed as she shot a few more un-dead while running by, then also getting rid of her pistol, which was now useless.
    Scrambling to her feet, Melissa ran after Rose as fast as her legs would carry her. Jon ran out in front of her and started to climb the ledge. She reached for the outcropping but a zombie had stepped behind her so close that she could smell it’s putrid breath on her neck. Out of instinct or pure knowledge she bent down in a crouch and kicked her feet behind her, knocking the bewildered zombie down. Grabbing a knife out of an opening in her suit on her legs, she remembered a certain move that had taken her weeks to perfect. She threw the knife and with a sickening sound it hit the zombie square on the middle of it’s fore-head.
    Turning around she climbed the ledge and sat with her two tired, but surprisingly aware partners. Catching her own breath she looked out at her sergeant across the room. Jordan was still shooting rounds but by the frightened look on his face she could tell that he was running out of bullets. Click. Empty. Pulling out a hand grenade from his belt he yelled, “Go in deeper, find a safe spot. I’ll take care of these guys.”
    Like always, they followed his orders, knowing that they would be his last.  They ran deep into the room that had been hidden in the specified higher grounds. Even when they where through an air vent that had been in the ceiling of the room they could hear him. Jordan’s cries of pain. Melissa tried to shut out the anguished screams as her breath became shallow and then, just as abruptly as they had begun, the cries stopped. Knowing what was coming Melissa crawled ahead, deeper into the maze of air vents.
    “Let’s go.” She cried out behind her as she increased her speed.
    Without hesitation Rose crawled after her. Jon wasn’t so quick to take orders from anyone else but the Sergeant this time.
    “What about the Sergeant?” He asked looking back as if he could see straight through the metal vents.
    “I’m the mission leader now, not him. Let’s go Jon.” Melissa ordered back at him. She heard a slight intake of breath and was pleased to hear her second soldier slowly, but surely, crawling behind them. Just as she started to move again a defeating sound echoed throughout the whole building as if threatening to crash down to the pits of the abyss.
    “Hurry!” She screamed as she saw an opening up ahead and she could feel the heat of the bomb coming up swiftly towards them. Climbing out, Rose reached up and helped Jon out.

The End

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