Melissa heard the click as Rose activated her gun and chose her target. “Get ready to die again!” She screamed as she let of a few rounds in the rotting heads of some of the nearby zombies.  
    As if on cue the whole group started firing and the enemy started falling one by one. In addition to the success of Rose’s sudden decision to shoot, their ammo started to become more scarce. By the time they were out of bullets for their rifles around fifty more zombies came into the picture. It was an ambush. Jon had been right, and now without their mayor weapons they were for sure dead. Pulling out her JAG Dragon SLV-A pistol she started shooting, praying that the shots would be accurate. Just hoping that maybe her group would decide to try the same thing. Every time a bullet wasn’t fired she could hear the sickly slow walking, sometimes crawling, of the zombies. How some had broken bones, and the snap could be heard in the echoes of the room. She noticed that the group had started to separate. Watching her back and shooting at some female un-dead that had come a little too close for comfort, she slowly walked towards her sergeant.
    “Sir, situation deadly, sir.” She could feel sweat crawling down her neck. “We need a way out, I’m almost out of magazines, and I wasted all my explosives when we were attacked earlier, Sir.”
    “Melissa, there’s higher ground near the walls of the other side of this room.” He shot a couple of teenagers that had most likely been attacked while sneaking out of their houses. “Go to Rose and Jon and tell them to go with you. I can handle this here.”
    “Sir, you’re almost out of ammo, you can’t possibly handle this on your own. We can go slowly to the-”
    “Just do it! Soldier, that’s an order!”
    “But sir-”
    She nodded, tears welling up in her eyes. Desperation had filled her mind and she walked cautiously towards her two partners a few feet away.
    “Sergeant’s orders.” She said, tightening her voice. “There’s a ledge up there on that wall that leads to higher ground.”
    “Why can’t the sergeant tell us himself? Plus we can take them. There is just a few, that’s all.” Rose responded, shooting a couple of zombies right on their foreheads.  
    “The sergeant told us to do it. Whether it is me or him telling you, we have been trained to follow orders in any case. Now just go!” Melissa commanded letting of her last few rounds and throwing away the now useless pistol before making a run for the other side. She tripped. Her eyes fell upon a rotting, disfigured male face looming closer to her petrified body. A shot slammed into the back of the unsuspecting zombie’s head and brought Melissa back from her shock.


The End

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