The undead

“Melissa steady arm. Watch that large Caucasian male behind you, he looks fierce. Jon, precisely how many of them are there?” Jordan asked as his gaze fell upon two red headed males.
    “Sir, too many. We need back-up we can’t take all these guys on our own, Sir!” Jon cried out.
    Rose smirked.
    “Sir, first signs of a newbie. Beginning stages of a breakdown.” What was visible of her face was now completely hidden in a smile. “Earliest mark is a cold sweat, then it’s hysteria, Sir. Watch it Jonny,” She sniffed the air, “They can smell your fear.”
    True to her words Jon’s face was illuminated by small but fast moving droplets of sweat.
    “Enough soldiers, we need to focus. Jon we can’t call back up. It’s impossible.” Jordan said stiffly as he looked around for something he had missed. “They made a wall around us. We need to break through here somehow.”
    Melissa suddenly became aware of the silence that surrounded them and she put more concentration on her armed Star L85 rifle with laser pointer.
    “Sir don’t you think we should move in closer and start shooting? They’re closing in pretty fast, Sir.”  she stated abruptly as the large man she was focusing on was now less than ten feet away.
    “Sir, it might just be me, but I think there’s more to our situation than we might think, Sir.” Jon stuttered, turning his attention on Jordan.
    “Listening cadet.” Jordan responded, turning Jon’s head back to where it had been before.
    “No matter how dire the condition, attention must always be in front. Is your buddy getting attacked behind you? Doesn’t matter! Eyes to the front!” Jordan had always commanded during training sessions and he had most likely taught Jon the same thing.
    “Like I said, stage two hysteria” Rose said with a faint smile.
    “Quiet.” Melissa said with narrowed eyes behind her goggles as she examined the events in front of her. “It’s his first mission, plus he might be onto something.”
    “Sir, I think they are waiting for us to attack and run out of ammo, sir.” His voice shook for a moment and came out high pitched. “Sir, or else they would have attacked us by now, Sir.”
    “Sir, I think this might just be random babbling, Sir. He is clearly frightened by our state, Sir. I say we should shoot them all to their graves, Sir.” Rose said impatiently while raising her firearm and turning the laser pointers on. “I have a very nice shot for this big one in front of me, Sir.”

The End

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